Insync Mac stuck scanning for days

I have read the other messages in this forum on this issue and did not see any resolution.

I have used Insync for years. It has been installed this computer for months. For the past few weeks, it stays stuck Scanning. My files are not syncing well.
Macos 10.15.6

Suggestions? Thanks.

Hi @keithseabourn!

My apologies for the trouble on this version. Could you please send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post? You can find them by following this article:

I have the same issue on my Ubuntu machine. The syncing process gets stuck in scanning one or another folder (different every time I restarted).
I tried reinstalling, logging againg, and even removing all the log files. But still, the problem persists.

Same here…been using Insync on Ubuntu for years. It is now stuck on “syncing” and only random files actually sync. I use Insync for my work and need my files to be synced. I am getting more and more frustrated as this issue persists in every app update.

Hi @susa and @wpwend,

My apologies for the trouble. Could you confirm if you’re running the latest version (3.3.3) on your Ubuntu machines? If so, are you using a network drive?

I’m using 3.3.2, that’s what I got when I selected Ubuntu 20.4 in the download page. Yes, I’m using google drive (Gsuite).

@susa I see. Are there any error messages on the Attention Required tab? If none, are you syncing to a network drive?

No, there isn’t any error message on the Attention Required Tab. I’m syncing to a hard drive on my computer.

I am using Google Drive. Insync is at version Running Ubuntu 18.04. No errors for me either.

Any solutions here? This is becoming extremely frustrating.

Hi @wpwend! We’ve deployed further improvements in 3.3.4, but have yet to update the repositories after we’ve released the build in our web page.

In the meantime, could you update from our forums post here and let me know if it persists? If it does, please send 2 copies of your logs.db and out.txt files (from ~/.config/Insync) saved 10 mins apart (example: 1pm and 1:10pm) so that we can investigate further. You may email them to with the link to this post.