Insync-nautilus v3 packages out of date in repo

When installing the new v3 insync package the apt repository is updated to The repository will update the main insync package to the latest version (currently v3.0.16), but not the insync-nautilus package. Currently the latest version of this package is v3.0.16 in the forums, but the repository still has v3.0.11. It’s possible that there are no actual changes in the nautilus plugin between v3.0.11 and v3.0.16 but it’s confusing that the package versions are out of date compared to what’s in the forum release announcement.

Hi @Harm_van_Bakel, thanks for pointing this out! :slight_smile:

I’ll inform our engineers to make sure the package versions match the current build. Are you experiencing any trouble with the Nautilus integration?