Insync never starts synching - Mac OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)

I’ve created a new account, gone through the setup process (pretty easy), and Insync seems happy.
Except, nothing ever gets synched. No recent activity in Feed, , no ongoing transfers in progress, no incoming shares, no actions required, no errors.

Oddly, while it lets me choose an Insync Folder Location, that folder name is always grayed out (though readable).
I am allegedly logged out of Google Drive while all this is going on.

Any hints as to what I am missing?

More clues: the Account Settings window says:
Thank you for buying INSYNC UNKNOWN
and the refresh button appears to have no effect

Get info on the app says it is v1.3.6.36076

Let me tag our engineer @jimperio and he will get back to you.

@Allen_Baum Could you send in your logs (How to find the log files) to so we can take a closer look?


I just upgraded to Plus and I’m having a similar problem with syncing new files in directories that had been partially synced. I tried to do a “Force Sync” but nothing happened. Do you have any recommendations?


I just noticed that you had replied - sorry for the late response.
It’s 8.4MB at this point. How shall I send it to you?

@jimperio @Insync any thoughts on this problem?

@Craig_Moodie I’m sorry for this late response. Could you send an email to with your logs and a description of the issue you’re facing so we can troubleshoot in more detail? Thank you!