Insync no longer updates automatically

Hey, I use Insync on my Windows 10 computer. When a new version comes out, I’m used to it upgrading to the new version automatically. It just creates a Windows notification about the new version, then turns off (you can see it disappear from the systray) and comes back with a different version number in the tooltip that appears when you mouse over the systray icon. Perfect.

My mother also uses Insync on a Windows 10 machine. A couple of weeks ago when version 3.2.8 came out, she called me to ask if it was normal for Insync to notify her repeatedly about a new version. I said no, and had a look at her computer. It seemed that Insync had got stuck in a weird cycle.

1.Insync notices that there is a later version available and creates a Windows notification about it.
2.Insync disappears from the systray.
3.Insync reappears in the systray, but the version number is the same as it was before.
1.Insync notices that there is a later version available and creates a Windows notification about it.

This took a few minutes each time through and had apparently been happening over and over for several hours by the time I saw it.

I opened up the Insync UI and clicked on the upgrade button at the bottom, to see if that helped, but it just shut down again and came back as the same version, then notified us of a new version and shut down again and came back as the new version again.

Eventually, I downloaded the latest installer from and ran it, and this seemed to fix the problem. When it was done, the version in the tooltip was 3.2.8 and it had stopped putting up notifications and restarting every few minutes. Confused, I told Mom that there must have been some bug in the new installer and it would probably be fixed next time it upgraded.

Well, guess what happened yesterday when version 3.2.9 came out? Yup, same thing. I eventually installed the new version manually again so it would stop spamming her with notifications, but it’s kind of annoying. Both versions installed on my laptop without issues or intervention, by the way.

Has anyone else had this issue? Do you have any idea what might be causing it? Please let me know.

Hi! This is Mara from Insync Support.

Thank you for giving us as much details as you could for this. Can you please send us your mother’s log files and link to this forums post to so we can check this out? :slight_smile:

I’ll wait for your email. Thank you!

I have sent this information.

I received your email and will continue the investigation there. :slight_smile: Thank you!

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