Insync not run on certain PC Windows 7

Hello I have a problem with the application. Yesterday I tried the application on a work pc with a performance that convinced me. I bought it. Today I have installed the program on my home PC and it does not start in any way, the program is left with a blank window and does nothing. The icon on the taskbar only allows me to close the program. I have uninstalled, restarted the pc and everything remains the same. Please help.

Hello @Dabiz! Can you let us know the OS that you’re using for your work PC? What version of Insync did you install there and in Win7?


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Thanks for the assist, @mara!

Seems like @Dabiz reached out via email too and I was the one who responded. I’ve asked him to see if reinstalling from scratch helps (ie deleting the %AppData%\Insync folder) and await his reply :slight_smile: I can take it from here :raised_hands:

Yes, I’m sorry to ask for help in two different ways. I have reinstalled, deleted all traces of the app and even in the registry, but everything remains the same. Of three pc only happens to me in one, but the main one where I want the installation :cold_sweat:

No problem at all @Dabiz. I’m following this up with our engineers and I have reached out via email about it. Shall we streamline our conversation via the email thread instead? Let me know which communication channel you’d prefer I send updates to!

Yes, by email is fine.

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