InSync Not Saturating Network Bandwidth

I have Gigabit fiber but InSync will sometimes use only ~350 Mbps, or occasionally up to around ~700 Mbps, for reasons that are not obvious to me.

For instance, I might be uploading a directory of 20 video files, each 4 GB-10 GB in size. For most of the transfer I’ll get only ~350 Mbps up, then suddenly the rate will jump to ~700 Mbps. The queue remains full during the whole process but the bandwidth usage changes and never maxes out the connection.

It’s not a local network issue, I get full line rate to other servers. It’s also not a Google Drive issue as Drive File Stream immediately maxes out upload / download bandwidth at line rate using the same file queue (or any file queue, for that matter).

This is all evaluated using the Windows network monitor. Any idea why this would be happening with InSync? I’m on the most recent v3.1.

Hi @fifthlegion,

Do you mind sending your logs to with the link to this post?

Thanks, sent over the logs.

Also noticed another interesting tidbit while testing this to generate the logs: while setting up a directory of large files to upload I paused InSync but the network monitor continued to show data being uploaded at ~300 Mbps (again, well below the bandwidth cap).

Eventually, a few minutes after pausing, the traffic died down to 0 but it seems like maybe it wasn’t actually halting network activity but instead was letting the current queue complete? You wouldn’t notice with small files but with big multi-GB files it’s pretty obvious.

I guess you could argue that’s a “feature” but if what you care about is the network activity when you pause InSync it would definitely qualify as a bug.

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Hi @fifthlegion!

Our engineers will be investigating why Insync isn’t saturating the bandwidth and I have sent a full report to them. :slight_smile: As to pause syncing not effectively pausing the network activity, we will investigate that on a higher priority as well.