Insync not syncing anything no progress


insync is not syncncing anything.
it is running but is not showing any progress.
if i go to manage-> my drive i can see all the file in my “google drive”.

how can i fix this?


I had a similar problem in ubuntu 16 64bits. In think, what solved it was installing the beta and rebooting.


Same issue.

$ insync-headless get_status
$ insync-headless get_sync_progress
No syncing activities


Unfortunately, problems with Insync 1.5.6 (macOS) and 1.5.5. (Windows) syncing seems to be on a tour on a abyss. I had to “resync” my three computers (two MacBooks and a PC) during this whole December (2018) countless times.

As of today, my macOS are frozen on “No ongoing tranfers” and my PC is “Scanning for changes“ since Christmas. I have created a folder and placed a 400KB PNG file on one Mac and no sync took place for the past three hours: they don’t even sync to Google Drive — so neither would appear on the other machines.

If I need to instantly sync ANYTHING, I have to recur to DFS. Unfortunately, DFS only works with one account at a time, and I try to manage four G Suite accounts with Insync.

By the way, if I place anything directly on Google Drive from my phone of by DFS (or through web), it then syncs back to one of my MacBooks, within five or ten minutes, but not to the other (which still proudly states “No ongoing tranfers”) nor to my PC (which is stuck again for days into “scanning for changes”).


Hi Fred,

Could you send me a screenshot of how My Drive looks like on your app window? If you prefer, just send it over to with the link to this post. :slight_smile: Thanks!