Insync not syncing to Gdrive (rate limit)

Insync just stopped uploading to Gdrive. When opening Insync `insync start --no-daemon, I see the following message:

INFO 2021-07-06 10:21:18,330 [cloudclient:_request:191] Retrying request to ‘*&upload_id=ADPycdtYDy0ml4lhKvKTuF3Opzr1TXG8zFtRZxFvttgOjDaUe5kjoJOK9BHSIRe73luyYAyiY1p_ZdII4owuX7QnN534VHVCFQ’ due to rate limit error…

Any help to deal with this issue?

I’m using ubuntu 20.04, insync 3.4.1.X.

Hi @Flavio_Pinheiro1! I received your email and have responded to request for logs :slight_smile:

Did you all ever find an answer to this? I’m seeing the same problem, many many lines in out.txt like

INFO 2021-08-26 17:27:31,971 [cloudclient:_request:195] Retrying request to ‘*&upload_id=...REDACTED…’ due to rate limit error…

Interestingly, if I copy some files over to another computer, a mac, with the official google drive client, it happily uploads more files. So I don’t think I’m hitting the upload gigabytes-per-day limit.

Hi @Wesley_Darlington! Seems like I’ve responded to an email from you as well about this? :slight_smile: I’ll have the logs investigated to see what’s blocking the rest of the sync.

Hi! Linking a post here: