Insync not working with Opensuse 15.3 (with workaround)

Insync stop working last days in my computer and Laptop:


insync start --no-daemon only a get a segmentation fault with no error or more information.

My fix have been deleting all libreries related with X11 an Wayland (I use X11).

cd /usr/lib/insync
sudo rm libX*
sudo rm libW*

I hope this helps.

I hope this helps

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Hello, @txutxifel!

Thank you for sending this my way; let me forward this to our engineers for investigation.

Thank you.
The same problem occurs in openSUSE 15.4. It only works in KDE with Wayland and reports that it is a issue related to EGL when the session is in X11. I can’t work with the session in Wayland because it still has runtime errors.
Thanks again, thanks to the removal of these libX* and libW* files Insync works properly.

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