Insync overwrote my local files


Hello, I switched to Insync from Grive2 lately, as Grive2 constantly broke on my Manjaro system. It is really easy to use Insync.

But I believe there is a serious bug in my case:

So I have a local directory, which was synced with my google drive one month ago using grive2. During this month, I actively updated my project in the local directory, but I could not sync it due to the breaking grive2.

Then I switched to Insync, and synced my google drive with this directory. But I did not know that Insync is not comparing the dates of my local files with their older version on google drive, it simply overwrote my local files with whatever on the google drive!

That means, all my updates in that projects during this month are all gone! To make things worse, I didn’t back up my local files. What a mistake!

Is there a way to recover my local files? It is really tedious to recover everything manually.

Thank you for your support!