Insync re-uploading files after update

Today I realized I was running an outdated version of Insync on my Linux Mint 19.1. Then, I installed the newer version ( The thing is, I didn’t change anything on my local folder, so I expected that Insync would only do a brief check out. But as it seems, all my files are being re-uploaded, even though they already exist on the cloud (!).

It seems no file is being deleted (I guess they’re being overwritten?), but I’m feeling that something is not quite right. Also, there’s a lot of files (more than 30 GB), so I don’t want to wait all day. Is there any solution for this?

The same thing happened to me.
The problem is that in some folders it is synchronized and in others it is not. I will try to leave the laptop on all day today to see if the problem is repaired.
In Google Drive, files that have not been modified in my local copy appear to me as edited.
Able to be part of the update of the Insync DB, but does not show status in the application of what you are doing (if you are doing something). It is noted that the consumption of the cpu is around 3% / 5%, so I understand that something is being done.

Hi @PericlesCarvalho and @eroz,

If you used the 1.5.7 - 3 migration feature, it’s just Insync file matching the files! We’re not necessarily reuploading every single file and folder to the cloud, we’re just scanning it and matching to make sure that the local files synced are migrated to the new Insync 3 system :slight_smile:

Really sorry for any confusion this might have caused! We’re working on improving messaging in our app to improve UX :slight_smile:

However, if you notice that it’s simply not just file matching and Insync is duplicating and/or deleting your files, please send over an email to with screenshots, logs, and any other pertinent details that may help in the investigation of your case!


Dear, I understand that you must match the files, but this is not reported on the gui screen.
The Activity Screen shows “under construction”, and the status in the bottom bar is pause syncing.
Anyway in my case, after leaving yesterday the laptop on, the process at some point ended.

What I do not find now or did not see, is where I can move or change the base folder for insync, although for now I can leave it that way, since it is working.


Hi @eroz,

Pleased to know that Insync is working better now. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with :slight_smile: