Insync running 20MB/s on iotop indefinitely! nothing syncing, overwriting new files with old ones

Running Arch, Insync 1.3.22-1 from AUR. IOTOP shows insync running nonstop for several days now, not syncing anything.

Syncing has stopped working on two machines with the latest update. Is there something wrong with this version?? Is there a fix coming out?

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I’ve updated to 1.4.1 beta and the problem is the same. IOTOP shows insync eating HDD bandwidth but insync is not syncing anything. There are over 6k files waiting to be synced.

Hi there, can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to
How to find the log files

Once I found the logs I was able to fix it, thanks.

It was silently erroring out and not showing me anything.