Insync shuts automatically after some time in PCLinuxOS


I recently switched from Mageia Linux to PCLinuxOS as I wanted to be on a reliable user-friendly rolling release distribution. Everything works fine in PCLinuxOS, except Insync. When I start Insync, it starts fine and syncs the files also. However, after sometime, it dies automatically and I don’t see the Insync icon in the system tray.

Can someone help?

Is there a way to look at the insync logs or any other system logs to see what is going on?


Hi Balaji,

If you’re on Insync GUI, could you send me your logs from ~/.config/Insync? If you’re on headless, it should be in ~/.config/Insync-headless.

Please email them to with the link to this post. Are you doing a large sync in particular when you notice it crashes?

I have sent the log files to

For your next question, No, my google drive does not have any large files.The largest file on my google drive is about 35MB.

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Thanks @Balaji_Pooruli-- I got your logs and have notified our engineers re: segmentation fault. I mentioned this in the email reply too! :slight_smile: