Insync sometimes erases the contents of text files after I save them

This is yet another issue that I encounter with Insync on a regular basis. Often times, as I’m editing and saving text files, Insync will suddenly decide it would be a brilliant idea to erase the entire contents of the file. Luckily the IDE I use lets me do a Ctrl+Z to undo the file erasure, but it’s something that’s quite annoying and really should be fixed.
Local copy:

Cloud copy:

So, Insync isn’t really doing the best job of keeping the files… in sync.
If it helps, I can send you guys my logs.db (and/or live + data db folders) via email.

Hi @Drakinite

Oh so sorry that Insync has been doing this to your files. :frowning: Yes please the logs would really help. Can you also include the file path for this package.json file so we can use that as reference?

(wow that “post must be 20 characters” is somewhat annoying)

@Drakinite Ugh! Yes it is.

And got your logs :slight_smile: Will send this to our engineers and update you accordingly.

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