Insync started deleting and unsharing files on Google Drive

Hi, a couple of days ago I used insync on multiple devices and it worked for 1-2 days. Then insync started to delete files from my Google Drive, choosing random folders not syncronized in local pc’s. I uninstalled insync from all the devices and installed again only on my laptop.
The day after insync started unsharing files form Google Drive always choosing random folders not locally sync.
I tried to uninstall and reinstall, quit ang log again, but nothing seems working.
If I look for the unshared files on GDrive, I can not find that. If I check GDrive activities I can see the activity from my account that limits the file access excluding every user, me (the file owner) included.
It’s not a GDrive issue because it starts only if I open insync on my laptop. If insync is turned off, GDrive works properly.
The 2 other devices I initially used are off from the moment I uninstalled insync, so it’s working only on my laptop.
Any suggestion?

Hi @Sergio_Bassani! I have responded to your email report regarding this!

We would like to apologize for the troubles you experienced. It’s possible there may be some file-matching issues that is triggering the deletions but to safeguard your files I’ve already provided the necessary steps to completely disconnect Insync and start over.

Thank you!