Insync still syncing after after "unsync"

I used Local Selective Sync to select a folder I would like to sync to my Google Drive. After doing so, I decided I wanted to do it a bit differently so I “unsynced” the folder in the Insync app and deleted it from Google Drive. However, files in the folder I “unsynced” are still uploading. I can see the files showing up in Google Drive under the recently uploaded tab. When I use the “details” option on one of the files it says it’s in the trash.

Essentially, Insync is uploading files from my computer to a folder in my Google Drives trash right now, and I don’t know how to stop it because I’ve already “unsynced” and deleted the folder in Google Drive.


I have paused syncing. I noticed Insync started downloading files as well. This caused duplicate folders to be created with “(2)” at the end. Now, it’s time for me to play scavenger hunt and delete these duplicates…

Hi @DWreck1995! My apologies for the trouble you experienced.

By any chance have you sent your log files to us? If not, please email the logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post.

Thank you!

Technically, I have two computers with this issue. I have submitted them for one of the computers and I’m still awaiting a response on it.

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