Insync stops syncing after few hours in Ubuntu 22.04.1 (dual boot)

I have a base folder that consists of all my Windows 11 OneDrive files. In the same folder, I am trying to sync the files using the dual boot Insync (v. In the beginning, a few folders are synced, after 4-5 hours the syncing stops with a green check mark. Furthermore, I see the blue cyclic arrows overlay icons on most of the folders.

Even after 12 hours, it does not sync the files. Troubleshooting steps that I have taken:

  1. I have removed the account and resynced
  2. I have uninstalled, removed the config file, and resynced

I get an error message as attached in the image file, after this error, in a few minutes the syncing stops with a green checkmark.

@Preetham_Manjunatha Hi! My apologies for the trouble.

Could you please send the logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post? Make sure you’re sending each set from the Windows 11 and Ubuntu 22.04 boot.

On Windows, search for %AppData%\Insync to pull up the location of your log files. On Linux, it’s in ~/.config/Insync.

Thank you!

@mia, please note that I am using the Insync app in Ubuntu boot only. On Windows 11, I am using the Microsoft OneDrive app (not the Insync Windows 11 app) only. Furthermore, Ubuntu Insync duplicates some files and this conflict renames the files on macOS and Windows. All these days, I was happy with Insync, as there were no complicated sync operations going on. Even without dual boot, Insync creates duplicates of invisible files (.git) and some other files at random.

Sorry to say this is a terrible app, I never had any issues merging the files in Microsoft OneDrive app for the last 5 years.

Also, I find that it is difficult to find an option to merge folder(s) in Insync, so the Cloud content is directly synced to a base folder. Microsoft OneDrive has this nice features, after the folders are selected, it asks to merge all of them at once. Where as in Insync the top level folders need to merged (even the merge option fails to do its purpose).

I did send the dual boot logs.db and out.txt files to the support email.

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@mia, any updates with the dual boot issue? Please note that I am using Microsoft OneDrive app in Windows 11 boot and Insync in Ubuntu 22.04.