InSync stuck at 30-40% CPU


title says it all. Even when my laptop is totally idle InSync permanently uses 30%-40% CPU, and the GUI keeps showing ‘scanning for changes’ (quickly showing files usually in excluded directories) :frowning:
I’ve left my laptop on for 48 hours to see if it would finish whatever it was doing, but no.
(Insync 1.5.5 on Fedora 29)


My apologies for the trouble. :frowning: Could you please send yourlog files to with the link to this post?


I’ve sent them as requested.
I’m afraid I have to point out that this is the third time I’ve sent logfiles related to issues I’ve experienced, but I’ve never had any sort of response… :slightly_frowning_face: I appreciate you all must be busy, but some sort of acknowledgement would be nice…


I am having the same issue under Linux syncing two gmail accounts. No activity yet Insyc spikes and stays at 18% cpu. See photo: