Insync stuck at 'XXXXX items queued'

Insync 1.2.6, Debian testing x64. I am trying to sync my files again.
But it doesn’t work, it just sits there at ‘items queued’ and doesn’t download anything.
What’s wrong?

@renanbirck Please send your logs to for investigation. (

I have the same problem on OSX.

1,073,456 files queued. The number is going down slowly, but I have let the sync running 24/7 for over a week, and it finally achieve 913,475 files queued. At this rate, it will take a year for the sync to finish. This is happening on all our employee’s computers. Unless we can find a solution soon, our organization will need to abandon insync.

We do have over a million files collectively as an organization on Google Drive, but I have only selected a very small percentage of those files to sync. Why is it processing files that I don’t want synced?

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