Insync stuck in syncing. No progress

dpkg-query -l | grep insync
ii insync amd64 Google Drive sync and backup with multiple account support

Is my release.

I am on Ubuntu 18.04.3

I synced one directory that was roughly a gig.

I have a larger directory to sync. It is stuck. It transferred 60 k and is doing nothing.

I cannot get it to do anything. I have removed and re-installed. After a trivial amount of files, it goes grey on my screen and does nothing.

What can i do, I had almost 900 gigs synced and then this happened. I removed everything and cannot get my data to transfer back.

I copied off the .config/Insync directory and I wanted to add it to this post, but I do not see a way

Hi @Scott_Streit so sorry for the late reply. Can you confirm if you synced it to an existing local folder?

I paid for the 3.0.x and it fixed the problem. I had to resync everything