Insync Support for 32-bit Linux Users


Hey everyone!

We’re officially dropping support for 32-bit Linux builds from Insync 1.5 onwards. Our engineers have updated their Python packages and one of the packages they use does not support 32-bit distributions. To continue developing Insync using this new Python package while supporting 32-bit Linux builds is currently not feasible (our engineers are only human). We’ve completely shifted our focus to making Insync a quality product and we believe this is the best route to take in order to achieve this.

However, Insync’s 1.4 32-bit installers will still be supported and are available via the APT/YUM repos. You can download the 1.4 32-bit installers here. For more info, view our Linux installation Guide here.

Let us know if there’s anything you need! :slight_smile: Leave a comment here or shoot us an email at



Makes perfect sense IMHO. 32-bit is a dying architecture, it doesn’t make sense to put much effort into this, aside from existing 32-bit versions, as you are already doing.


I agree with all of that except substitute ‘dying’ for ‘dead’. :slight_smile: