Insync System Tray icon dissapears after window manager restart - Arch Linux, i3wm, i3blocks status bar

Hi there,
I have searched google and these forums and have found some similar issues, but none with solutions that apply to me.

I use i3 window manager with i3blocks (from the Arch AUR) for my status bar, and most system tray icons display fine in the lower right of screen. However, after restarting the window manager and some other events such as locking the screen/unlocking the screen, some of the system tray icons disappear and won’t come back unless I close the program and restart it, namely Insync.

My feeling from googling is it’s something to do with QT apps specifically.
I have seen some advice on this forum to install the sni-qt package, however that has a whole bunch of dependencies I don’t want including Qt4.
I have also seen advice to install the gnome-shell-extension-appindicator, however that is specifically for Gnome shell which I don’t use, and I also don’t want to bring in all those dependencies.

Has anyone else experienced this and have a workaround or solution that applies to my setup?
Other than this issue Insync is working great for my needs, but I really need that system tray Icon to be reliably there for my work.


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