Insync system tray icon is broken



I’ve noticed that after update my xubuntu 15.10 something wrong with system tray icon.
Here is a screenshot


Will be tagging our engineer @lpugoy and he will get back to you :smile:


@kozlone: I’m unable to reproduce this unfortunately. Is your system fully updated and are you using the latest version of Insync? Does it persist even if you restart Insync?


Yes, my system is fully updated and the insync version is
I’ve tried to restart the app but it didn’t, so then I’ve reinstalled insync but the icon still is broken.


@kozlone: Are you using the “indicator plugin” to show tray icons? You can confirm this by right clicking on the panel -> panel -> panel preferences -> items. If so please confirm the version you’re using by running apt-cache policy xfce4-indicator-plugin.


Unfortunately I can’t load my system anymore after trying update windows 10 (yes, I have windows on the same hard drive). I will answer you as soon as it possible.
Thank you.


Now I have fresh installation of Xubuntu 15.10 and the problem is still actual. The icon looks freaky.


@kozlone: I was able to reproduce the issue by installing sni-qt. Please try uninstalling it.


Yes, now the problem is solved. Thanks you a lot!


Hi. I have the same problem. A tray Icon is huge and I can only see a part of it.
Xubuntu 16.04 (XFCE of course), Insync (32-bit) with Thunar integration installed. xfce4-indication-plugin version 2.3.3-0ubuntu4.
Same on two different computers with a similar setup.
I’m trying to uninstall sni-qt, but the system force to to uninstall insync and insync-thunar at the same time.
Any ideas please?
Thanks. Greg