Insync Thunar Package Not Found


I’m running Xubuntu 18.04 and after installing Insync (that I just bought just for the file browser integration…) it offered to install the Insync Thunar plugin. Upon saying “Yes”, it added a repository to the sources.list and tried to apt-get install insync-thunar. But it failed with error E: Unable to locate package insync-thunar.

Is there any sort of support for this sort of bug? It’s quite embarrassing, as I literally purchased Insync 15mn ago just for the integration…



Hi @Doodloo,

My apologies for that. I’ll forward this to our engineer for checking and I’ll update you asap! In the meantime, have you tried to download the packages from our downloads page directly? Let me know if it yields the same error.

Thank you!



Could you send us the contents of your sources.list file?