Insync thunar plugin doesn't work


I installed Insync Thunar plugin (file downloaded: insync-thunar_1.2.3.35090-precise_all.deb), but nothing seemed to be working. That is, no sync icon is shown in Thunar. Did I miss anything? Thanks.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Insync 1.2.3


I run Arch and also have this problem. Errors with the install from the repository.



The Thunar plugin only provides context menu on right click. Unfortunately there is no straightforward way to set emblems on Thunar through a plugin.



What error is being raised? Did you install thunarx-python?


Got it. Wait for such thing to happen …


Thunarx-python is installed. No error; I just thought there will be emblems.


This is what I get:
configure: error: in /tmp/yaourt-tmp-grant/aur-thunarx-python/src/thunarx-python-0.3.0': configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH Seeconfig.log’ for more details
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build thunarx-python.
==> Restart building thunarx-python ? [y/N]



Do you have gcc or something similar installed? Building AURs requires some tools installed. Please refer here:


Thanks for the pointer, I have now installed base-devel and downloaded insync-thunar but now get the message “Can’t download … parent is missing.”


Please send your logs to for help in investigating the issue. They are the files logs.db and out.txt located at ~/.config/Insync. You can compress them before sending to save space.


I have emailed the two files as requested. Thanks again.


By the way, is there any plan to add emblems on Thunar like Nautilus?


@yltang There’s no current way to add emblems on Thunar through its Python extension unfortunately.


I run Debian Sid, how can I get thunarx-python?


@LaPingvino Please try the one for Ubuntu 12.04 available here. If it works I will add it to our repo.


Finally downloaded it from (via the reference in your link), and it actually works :slight_smile: .


@LaPingvino That’s great. I’ve also finished added that package to our repo for Debian Sid so it will be available with no external dependencies.


I am running Xubuntu on a 64bit machine. I first installed the 64bit package (insync_1.5.7.37371-artful_amd64.deb) for the insync client and it sort of worked but crashed a lot. I tried installing the 32bit client (insync_1.4.9.37127-artful_i386.deb) and it works fine.

I have also tried to install the Thunar integration package (insync-thunar_1.3.12.36116-precise_all.deb), but nothing seems to be happening. I was also admittedly expected emblems, but even aside from that, I have no right-click option. Am I doing something wrong?