Insync-thunar plugin problem

The insync-thunar plugin for insync (v3) is not compatible with Linux Mint 19.2 or any other recent Linux distributions with XFCE desktop environment.

During the installation of insync-thunar debian (deb) package is always reported dependency error, that thunarx-python dependency is not available or satisfied.

Please, Insync dev team, fix this problem as soon as possible, because I need the fully functional Insync for Linux(XFCE) desperately.

Moreover, the insync-thunar plugin is not available at any insync repos, espacially at:
deb tina non-free contrib

I contact Insync support team two days ago, but so far without any relevant response regarding this terrible problem.

Hi @michal.kvasnicka,

I believe we already have an email exchange about this! :slight_smile: I’ll respond to you via email moving forward; as mentioned prior, our Linux engineers are still working on the Thunar integration to run smoothly on Insync 3. :slight_smile: