Insync-thunar plugin?

Fact is, that any version (including latest version 3.0.23 … which already announced that XFCE integration is supoorted) of Insync3 does not support thunar plugin on any Ubuntu-based Linux distro. The main reason is unavailability of thunarx-python package in proper version at Ubuntu repositories.

So, what is the current status of development of the insync3 Thunar plugin for XFCE desktop with any Ubuntu-based distro???

This is not joke guys, this is serious Insync flaw!!!

P.S. Your official client support is completely quiet regarding this problem for few weeks now.

Hi, have you downloaded the package for Thunar here?

Yes, of course!!! Thank you for your very constructive response (irony)…

Did you read any recent discussions here regarding thunar Insync3 plugin and its malfunction???

The support you provided here is completely useless!!!