Insync unable to detect file changes that preserve file size and timestamps

Some programs can change file content without changing their sizes or timestamps (e.g. many tools for encrypted containers). In my tests, Insync is utterly unable to detect such changes, even if it’s running the entire time or after a “force sync”. There’s then a mismatch between files on local drive and files in the cloud.

Hope this can be fixed.


thanks for the feedback! Will take note of this for discussion with the team.

Has there been any movement on this feature/bug request in the intervening three years?

I can confirm that the behavior is still present in v3.2.7.40868 on Windows 10 with the Google Drive storage.

If possible, I think detecting changes via hashes would be ideal. Perhaps this could be a setting enabled on specific files or directories and/or manually triggered if the Google Drive API does not expose this information. Alternatively, insynch could store a small hash database in google drive to act as the point of reference.

Either way, adding a different way to detect change would be extremely helpful as it is difficult to approximate the touch command on Windows!