Insync v 3.1 : behavior of "merge with a folder or drive"

I just noticed the following with insync 3.1 (manjaro linux).
I wanted to sync a google drive folder with a local one selecting the option “merge with a folder or drive”, as I always do. But this time it behaved as “inside folder or drive”, creating a new folder inside my local folder (with the name of the remote folder). That was not the behavior in previous versions, it was really merging stuff as expected.

sounds like a bug, thanks for reporting!

cc @miamoran

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I noticed that if you sync starting from local selective sync instead of cloud sync (the same folders), it works as expected.

Hi @jjap33,

Can you send your log files to with the link to this post? Please include your logs.db, out.txt, data folder, and live folders.

You may send me a link to download if it’s too big to attach. Thanks!

we have found and fixed the issue so you don’t need to longer send logs, etc. thanks!