Insync version 3.8.5 no sync of local changes to google cloud drive

dear insync team,

i have an ubuntu machine with insync 3.8.5 installed and configured. the base folder is mounted at /media/share/base_folder (it is a smb share from my nas). i did a successful migration coming from insync 1.5 and all folders have the green check mark now. when there are changes on the cloud drive insync syncs the changes down to /media/share/base_folder. the same happens if there are changes made on the ubuntu machine where insync is installed. so far so good.

but i.e when i delete a file from a different machine having the same folder mounted as an smb share insync does nothing but marking the respective file by a red x mark instead of deleting it on the cloud side.

please advise what to do. thank you very much.

Hi @Peter_Altherr!

My apologies for the trouble. Assuming that the different machine has Insync running, could you send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post? These should be in ~/.config/Insync.

If the different machine doesn’t have Insync setup, no worries. Just send the logs from the computer where you successfully migrated from 1.5. Kindly include the name of the file that you tried to delete from the other machine (which then showed a red X on Insync).

Thank you!

hi @mia,

the issue is resolved. there is only one insync client installed on the ubuntu machine. it seems the insync client does not get noticed about changes in the file system mounted via smb when the changes come from other machines having the same share mounted.

my solution: i have installed the insync client locally on the machine providing the smb share (debian which serves as a nas in my network) instead installing it on the ubuntu client mentioned above. now the insync client gets noticed about every file change and starts syncing as expected.

i know i could do this much easier by purchasing an insync server plan and switch to insync headless but the frequent costs for this plan are way out of my budget :slight_smile:

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Hi @Peter_Altherr,

Thank you for sharing what happened further and letting me know things have been working well! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if anything else comes up. :slight_smile:

Hi @Peter_Altherr,

If I may ask, what would be the optimal price for the Insync headless that you would be willing to pay? We are amidst rethinking the headless pricing and your feedback would be really valuable.


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