Insync will not update or autostart KDE Neon [with workaround]

Thanks. I’ll give it a go too. It looks like a simple, reversible, workaround until the issue is fixed by Insync :+1:

(Update: After running the command, Insync successfully runs at startup, but unfortunately I don’t get an icon for Insync in System Tray. Will continue using the custom systemd service fix for now).

I appreciate you guys for continuing this discussion + sharing your workarounds and updates.

I have followed up on this so we can work towards putting the issue to rest.


Will this ever be fixed? It’s pretty annoying to start Insync by hand everytime I start computer.

Apologies for the persistent trouble, @edisso10018. Let me follow this up with our Linux team once more.

And? Another month gone…

Hi @edisso10018

Can you try running this:
sed -i.bak 's|^Exec=insync start$|Exec=insync start --no-daemon|g' "$HOME/.config/autostart/insync.desktop"

Let us know if Insync now starts for you on reboot


Yes, this does work. Insync now starts on boot.


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