Insync with Dolphin


I used Insync on Ubuntu (Nautilus as file manager) and when I right clicked on a folder, I could create a new file (Google Doc, Google Sheet…). I decided to move to Kubuntu (Dolphin as file manager) and cannot find anymore these shortcuts. Do they exist or do you plan to create them?


Hey @lulu3030,

Do you have the Dolphin package installed by any chance? You can find it on our downloads page. :slight_smile:


I installed the Linux package, but I can’t find a dolphin package on the page you link me.


Hey @lulu3030,

On the downloads page, click on the Linux icon and then click Download for Linux. Once you click that, a menu with tabs will appear. You can download the Dolphin package under Packages. :slight_smile:


Thank you!! It is perfect! Great tool, thank you :slight_smile: