Insync won't start in Arch Linux after Upgrade

Hello folks, good morning/afternoon.

I just noticed that after an upgrade to Insync, it won’t start in Arch Linux anymore. I am using two systems (EndeavourOS - Arch 5.7.12-arch1-1) and Archman. This issue happened for both systems. Also,

insync start --no-daemon
did not show me anything.

Since I can not downgrade it from the AUR repository (or I am wrong?), 1) uninstalled it, 2) downloaded an earlier version ( in .deb package, 3) extracted it and copied the data.tar.gz > usr/ folder into the system /usr/ .

Thank you.
Geferson L.

I presume you’ve tried the trick - mentioned in the new releases forum:

“please delete the insync[#].sock file (the [#] is a number and can vary) in the /tmp directory. Let us know how this goes.”

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Hi @falconapps
In fact, I was not aware about that.

Now, I just did it and it is working.
Thank you!


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Thanks for helping out @falconapps!! :slight_smile:

Glad to know it’s working @Geferson_Lucatelli!

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