Intel's Clear Linux

I’m trying to install insync into Clear Linux
I can download an rpm for fedora and run a few rpm or rpm2cpio commands. But I get errors. These functions work fine for installing Google-Chrome-Stable

If you’re not on Ubuntu or Fedora how do you install insync on your Linux system?

Hi @Air_Dedman,

Unfortunately, we don’t officially support Clear :frowning:

It’s a Linux system, and I paid my license fee and would like to use it, so what’s the work around?

Hi @Air_Dedman,

I can recommend our headless build (on 1.5.7) for you, if you’re interested.

You can download it here:
deb -
rpm -

@Air_Dedman , did you ever get it to work on Clear?

I’m running FC30 on my Laptop at the moment, but I’m impressed with the performance and look of the recent Clear builds. Been testing it in a VM and also via live USB

I never could get insync to work though, did you have any success?

I notice that the insync rep - when told about clear - recommended a .deb and an .rpm :frowning:

I just downloaded the headless files and yes it works.