Internal symlinks


My files directory structure contains dozens of symlinks that serve as cross-references so that I don’t have to duplicate files. When I loaded my files into Insync and sync’d to another computer the symlinks do not show up on the other system once it is sync’d. Symlinks are one of the big reasons I chose Insync. I see how symlinks can be used “out of system” to add to what Insync manages but I want to use symlinks for the traditional purpose where I link from one directory’s files that are managed by Insync to another directory also managed by Insync. What am I missing? The symlinks were originally created using ln -s in Linux and are relative links for the most part.


@harrelfe Insync currently cannot sync symlinks as links. The targets will be synced as regular files when the account is added on another computer. I’m not sure if your use case can be implemented with Insync. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Thank you for the reply. It would be a good idea to not advertise symlinks as one of the features of Insync.


Agreed. The advertised symlinks “feature” excited me. :frowning:


The advertised symlink feature refers to the fact that Insync can sync external folders through symlink, which is indeed very useful and what many users want.

Perhaps it’d be less confusing to list the feature as “symlink to external drives/folders”.


But I very much need “internal” symlinks with auto creation of Google Drive “copy file without actually copying” files.


I’m just pointing out that the advertising is not wrong, if somewhat confusing.
I don’t have a solution for your use case.