Is it possible to clear cache for a single account?


I have three Google Drive accounts on Insync. One is a small account with very little on it, one is a large account that has synced up about 500GB or so, and one is my work account.

My work account is an account that we have been testing theories with (even though it has important things in it I need). I have a shared folder at work that is EXTREMELY huge and it acts like a file server. Inside that folder we have carved out sub folders to organize groups data and have the access setup on the cloud etc. Everything is working great with the cloud account in general.

However, in an effort to try to also use Google Drive File Stream (DFS) added the big folder to “My Drive” on the web GUI. This ended up causing Insync and DFS to index ALL the files and folders in that really large folder. Ekk! After my PC was syncing for a night and I realized this, the DBs Insync and DFS use were huge! At this point it still never finished indexing everything. I closed out of both apps and removed the huge folder from “My Drive” using the GUI and started DFS back up. I quickly realized that now it was going to need to go through that huge DB and remove all references to objects that no longer exist in my drive. I was able to make this very long and taxing process much faster by closing DFS and removing both the cache folder as well as the DB file DFS uses. After I did that DFS loaded, reindexed and was synced up within 30 minutes! It was like light speed.

Is there a way I can do this with Insync? I found the DBs used in %appdata%\Insync\dbs\ but when I tried to rename the one (that I now know is my work account) Insync loaded telling me “Initialization Failed”. I was hoping it would just try to rebuild the DB. Is there a better way to go about this?


You also need to delete the corresponding record in “config.db”.

Use a database browser to open this file, delete the appropriate row in the “accounts” table.

The “Remove Account” button in the app GUI should also work. It’s in Account Settings -> License Information.


I’m trying to avoid removing the account because when I go to re-add the account back it will not let me keep existing files in place, it wants a new folder that has nothing in it. I have a bunch of files already synced on my PC (there were only a few changes).

I don’t want to REMOVE THE ACCOUNT. I want to simply remove all the cache I can for an account so it reindexes everything, and syncs the latest dated items.


Looks like I was wrong about that or that process might have changed in the latest version. Seems it will sync to an existing data location and just merge the two. I just removed the account, which kept my files on my drive. Then added the account back and picked my same data folder for it to sync to. Insync let me know things would be merged and I said yes. Now it’s on to syncing.



Yeah, Insync’s resync capability got a major upgrade sometime around version 1.4.


So 4 days ago, I ended up deleting/removing the account from Insync and then set it back up to resync the account. And still I get the same notorious “Scanning for changes…” message. No type of progress or any indication that ANYTHING has actually happened in the last 4 days that it has kept my hard drive capped at 100%. Even looking in the “Files” section of the account I see everything still has a blue/white recycle type icon (showing it still needs to sync). Is there not a way for me to tell what is going on?

Moving the most accessed file by Insync
Also, incase anyone else runs across this thread, I have created a way to be able to move the database files (well all Insync files) for the program to another location. So even though it takes forever to sync in my case it does it on another drive so at least while it’s taken its sweet time syncing it does not make my system unusable. I made a tutorial here - hope it helps someone else out too.