Is there any plan to support the "new" shared folders of Google Drive?

Since some months ago, Google did a rather annoying change in the way shared folder works. If someone shares a folder with me, I can no longer add that folder to my drive, I can only add a link to that folder. Insync doesn’t do anything with this link, as it is recognized as a gdlink file.

Ideally it would be great if insync would create a folder in my local PC and drop the contents of the shared folder inside, in a behaviour similar to the one before the change.

I realize this may not be possible for technical reasons, and that is a change made by Google not insync, but I would like to know if there is a plan to address this issue.


Hey-- so sorry for not replying here sooner!

We have gotten similar requests from users regarding this sudden change on Google’s end. I’ll +1 you to this request so we can get this moving forward asap. :slight_smile:

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Great. Thank you!
Looking forward to what you can do about it!

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