Is there some Roadmap for Insync?


Is there a roadmap of what features you want to add on future releases? And some kind of schedule for releases?

I know you are busy fixing some things, but would be nice to have an idea of whats in the pool. One thing I’m waiting for is bandwith limit, which I read here in some topic you are planning to add. But would be nice to know what you are planning too :smile:

there are 2 big features, lots of fixes and many more small improvements coming…

  1. headless – (as a separate product with no gui) with improved command line commands and auto-login (for reboots, etc.)
  2. archive+ – one-way sync (local2cloud) with auto-delete (when finished uploading, delete the file locally to free up space)

bandwidth is on the list but not above these 2 features. we are on a weekly release cycle now to get fixes out more quickly.



Thanks for the info.

About the archive+, after the file deletion, will have a placeholder to access the file (a link to the file in the cloud, like the *.gddoc files)?

not in the default file managers but it will be in insync’s cloud browser, which will allow you to access the file on demand.

Hi. What about Google photos backup again?
That is what I bought insync for originally. Other programs like picbackman are now doing that splendidly so apparently it is possible (again).

Do you have any idea when archive+ might be implemented? This is the feature that would make Insync a viable long term solution for my companies needs.

That’s great to hear but would we at least know in which version or any eta on when we’ll get the one-way (backup) feature? This is extremely needed.