Is this ever going to work?

This was supposed to be the Dropbox equivalent for google drive but it is horrendously buggy - I get duplication instead of syncing on the cloud side, some documents do not get moved when I move them, some do not get automatically synced on my second machine… what are we paying for ?! Doesn’t it seem much more trouble then sticking with Dropbox ?! I am just questioning my decision to use this software… all I get is bugs and problems… and the support is horrible - it takes weeks to get anything resolved … if ever… I am terribly disappointed…

I would not recommend this for anyone but a very casual user - this is not ready for any serious application in a work setting.

We apologize for the issues you have been experiencing with our app. We do acknowledge that we have a lot to work towards general sync stability and we are currently prioritizing that right now for the next few builds to give you the best experience out of Insync.

and when will that happen? you haven’t made any updates recently… the functionality hasn’t improved at all ever since 3.0.23 over a month ago…?! what about the basic necessity of autosync?! what is the point of this app if I have to manually sync files?! and how long do we have to wait to achieve basic functionality like that?!

Hi @IVG, can you let me know if you’re currently on 3.0.24?

For the autosync of new files, this feature will be rolled out in 3.0.25.

yes, I am on 3.0.24… and nothing changed since .23… it still doesn’t work properly…

Hi! Could you let me know if you are encountering issues with the autosync on 3.0.25? New Insync version: 3.0.25