Issues with Insync actually syncing


I had a situation where Insync was killing my PC performance by consuming my hard drive resources. This made everything become non responsive at times creating a very frustrating working environment. I actually ended up coming up with a solution that helped me keep both Google Drive File Stream and Insync from access my boot drive for the most part. The big deal was the database file, it is the file accessed the most by Insync, even if there were no files currently downloading or uploading Insync would spend tons of time accessing the DB file located in APPDATA. So I came up with this little tutorial and it has been working great for me.

Nevertheless I’m still having issues with Insync. I have made it possible for me to at least use my PC now but the “sync” is STILL going on with no light at the end of the tunnel". So 4 days ago, I ended up deleting/removing the account from Insync and then set it back up to resync the account. And still I get the same message “Scanning for changes…”. No type of progress or any indication that ANYTHING has actually happened in the last 4 days that it has kept my hard drive capped at 100%. Even looking in the “Files” section of the account I see everything still has a blue/white recycle type icon (showing it still needs to sync). Is there not a way for me to tell what is going on?

In my logs I’m getting the following error over and over again… Looks like Insync is doing something it should not be doing?..

{“message”: “Net error: %r %s %r”, “params”: [“SSLEOFError(8, u’EOF occurred in violation of protocol (_ssl.c:590)’)”, “POST”, “”]}


Hi @arvobowen,

Thanks for this detailed feedback and for linking the tutorial. :slight_smile:

I’ll forward the log to our team so we can check this on our end.