It's not work in multiple PC


I have two computers and before insync I use megasync.
There are the same folders on computer A and B.
Now A has some new files. The insync has upload all files on B and I install insync on A. When I set the sync folder to the same folder on A, it just shows 20k+ itmes on queued in the progress tab. But there is nothing changed on
When I used megasync, it only upload the changed files. What happened in insync? Why is there 20k + items on queued?
And the number of the queued items are still increasing.


Hi @Find_Hao,

When you setup Insync on A, the 20k+ files will be indexed by the app. Has the number gone down or is it still climbing up til now?


It’s 27k now. And there are 150k files all in the folder. So you mean I have to wait until insync check all files? It’s about 20GB. But it’s really too slow.


After a day’s compare, it finally complete the queue. It seems that the new files on A had been uploaded to gdrive.
Thanks for your help.
But it’s really too slow to finish it.


Hi @Find_Hao,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ll make sure to bring this up to our engineers so we can improve on how Insync handles a large number of files. :slight_smile:

Just shoot us a message for any app trouble. Thank you!