Just bought a Synology NAS, ideas on best implementation?

I’ve been a long time Insync user and had it syncing to my personal computer. However, I recently bought a Synology NAS 720+ and would like to continue using Insync as it seems like the only software that can convert Google Docs, etc to Word format.

So, right now I have everything on the NAS and figure I have a couple approaches from the desktop side:

  1. Have Insync run & Synology Drive Sync run at the same time syncing the same folders
  2. Have Insync run but connect it to my NAS via a mounted network folder.

I’ve seen the Server solution, but so far from my preliminary research it seems as though it hasn’t been tested with Synology so I’m not sure if that’s a viable route right now.

Let me know your thoughts…


Hi @ajtatum! :slight_smile: Thanks so much for reaching out.

Let me consult with our team and get back to you! Could you please confirm the following by emailing support@insynchq.com (for privacy purposes):

  • your Insync account
  • OS version
  • Insync version

That would also help us guide you on the best steps to take. :slight_smile: