Just installed - hundreds of thousands of files now queued/transferring?


I’ve just set up Insync and stuck a couple small folders in my Insync folder. The app now says there are hundreds of thousands of items queued/remaining (272,828), which definitely aren’t in those folders.

Only thing I can think of is that there’s lots of junk in my Drive from gmail that it’s trying to download? As Drive says I’ve used 4 gb but then the files it shows me definitely don’t add up to 4gb. But Insync also doesn’t show me files that would make up 4gb, or show me 200k files that might be coming/going from somewhere in any way. No idea.


Insync must be checking cloud side files. It doesn’t mean it will download all of them, but they do need to be scanned to have a proper sync database. Just make sure you have checked only what you want in the file manager/selective sync panel.

Trashed files and orphaned files also count against your Google storage quota, and Google Drive doesn’t auto clear trashed files no matter how long ago you trashed them. Check the following links