Just sync a new version of files from cloud, no matter what

If it’s possible, could you make a feature for syncing a new file from cloud? Because I almost lost my file due to file conflicts with one and another of my Windows and Mac system, as well as Debian system, from different machine.

We would be glad if you can make it possible, sometimes we just wanted all of our updated file to be downloaded from cloud, we might not have a time to decide – which one is and which one that or which one should be – for file things.

Could you help us for that, pleaseee.

Hey @31fahmi!

Insync has that feature where new files are synced from the cloud. Did you mean that if there’s a file conflict, to just create a new file for that and then you can pick at a later time which is which?

@mia well, i have an imagination, if those files could be either overwritten or delete the old files to be replaced with the new one

But, if it’s impossible, making a duplication of files is fine.

@31fahmi Gotcha. Could you walk me through how the issue almost lead to data loss? I’d like to understand further what happened so we can see how Insync could better detect these conflicts.

Furthermore, could you confirm what your Conflict settings are?

@mia my conflict settings was it, I’ll explain in numerical values instead of variable, to shorten the writing

  1. 3
  2. 2
  3. 3

That was causes a file loss, yet I’m not really sure whether i configure conflict settings in a wrong way, or it’s just a mistakes from the software

Waiting for the next ideas.

Hello @31fahmi :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I quite understood what you meant by “my conflict settings was it” – did you mean it was set to the default? For reference, the default is always ask.