Keep MyDrive and only remove OneDrive on a computer

I use Insync to exchange data between my computers (all Linux Mint). On one of them I installed both Google MyDrive and Microsoft OneDrive. For personal reasons I like to remove OneDrive on one of the computers but keep MyDrive. On the other computers I want to keep using MyDrive and OneDrive. How do I do that

Hi @Jan. If you’d like to remove your OneDrive account from Insync on one of the computers, please follow these instructions:

Thank you!

Thank you Mia. I asked this because I was afraid to remove my Insync subscription on all computers, but happily it only removed from the computer I wanted to remove the OneDrive subscription.

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That’s great to hear. Happy to know you were able to achieve what you needed. Please don’t hesitate to reply here or email us at for any questions or concerns!