Keeping existing file structure



i want to use insync instead of “backup and sync client” from google, but I might have a specific usercase.

I do not want to sync my “Drive” Folder, but sync specific folders on my Computer, and preserve the folder structure, namely my /Users/ folder. With the google client, this is possible.

I found out that I can choose the /Users/ folder as the Insync-Folder at the beginning of the installation. That’s not ideal because I cannot sync other folders that are not within /Users/, but it’s okay.

Problem is:

when I installed the client this way, it shows me “no files” in /Users/. Only when I upload something manually via to the google drive folder, it shows up in InSync, but it does not sync to my local computer. I tried it both on Windows 10 and Kubuntu (19.04).

Maybe this is the case because my trial expired? If so, is there a way to extend my trial period for like a few days that I can test if it works like I consider it to work?


So I believe this is a relatively simple question. Did I abuse any guidelines or sth that I get no answer to that?


Hi @F_M, if your trial has expired then Insync may have stopped syncing. Please email with your account to extend the trial.

You didn’t abuse anything – your setup seems sound. Though you may not be aware of our “Add to Insync” feature which lets you sync any folder from local, even after you’ve setup the default Insync Folder :+1:


Dear Gio,

Thank you for your response. The “add to in sync” feature is exactly the feature I was looking for!

I wrote an email to the support address and requested a trial extension and look forward to get along with your program!


Dear Gio,

I think my license got renewed (it says xx days of “Team Trial” left, whatever team trial is).

However, I got to manage to sync an existing folder with 700 files in it.

Problem is that when I want to sync a folder with much more files in it (about 30.000), it does not sync it at all. On “My Drive” window, the existing folder structure is not displayed. It says “the location is empty”.
The “Progress” window also shows no Progress at all.

So I believe there is obviously a file limit to sync. Can you tell me how many files Insync can handle?

Is it possible that insync first indexes my files (with no visual progress etc.) and after that it shows my files? If so, how do I know how long this progress takes? I mean, it could take literally days to index a large amount of files.