License: Pro Trial (expired) - we have a pro account

Our account stop working with the message License: Pro Trial (expired), main account is: hosting_camarena at, we have deleted and created again child account, started and stop insync tool and still getting the error.

Hi there, have you tried refreshing your license? :smile:

This does not work for me.
I need help, just upgraded for 3 accounts and can’t access the primal one neither can I add the other 2.
Additionally I have ordered 3 instead of two licenses - please cancel one of the additional two.

I got the same problem here. One of our account keeps saying it since yesterday our license and refreshing from account settings doesn’t work either.

What can we do to solve it?

I have this issue now, after months of relatively good operation (relative for for insync).

I was able to restart insync, and it started working again for now.

Not sure why Insync keep breaking things.
I wish there was a releases or changes page and if not too frequent also a notifications page. that could show when server changes were made so that as a customer I can correlate the issue I am having with something at insync end.

The error in my feed showed license expiry.
having restarted that license expiry has gone from my feed WHY?
why would you put an item in the feed and then remove it later.
Instead add a new item to the feed that says license refreshed or something to that effect.
Seems like you guys really are flying by the seat of your pants, making stuff up as you go, and you need a new CTO, someone that knows best practice technical delivery, add to that some decent tech leads that can make sure your solutions are common sense.

@Jamie_Browning Thank you for reaching out about the licensing issue. I can see how your experience (both past and present) has really caused a lot of frustration!

The expired license is a known bug in our licensing endpoint after an update, and I assure you that our engineers are on top of it. As for the Feed removing the notification after a refresh, I wanted to clarify that the expired license notification is under Actions (since a user needs to take action on their license). But! I do see that when you refresh, the Feed will say that you have purchased a license instead of something like License refreshed - so, that’s a valid suggestion you made.

Let me forward that to our UI/UX team so we can line it up for improvement. This feedback is much appreciated!!