License Upgrade Problems

Went from an old 1.x license to a Company desktop license. The Insync client (now updated to 3.5.4) thinks I have an expired Plus license.

Clicking on the ‘Refesh License’ seems to do nothing. Restarting the insync client doesn’t seem to help either. Also tried removing the Google Account (but not files) and adding it back. This made no difference.

Linux Mint (Mate/Caja) 19.3.
Insync (From official APT repos)

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Hi @Ben_Tyger! :slight_smile:

Thank you for reaching out and apologies for the trouble. I was able to trace the upgrade from Plus to Company. I made some changes on my end. Could you confirm that the Company dashboard shows that it’s been assigned to your preferred email? Here’s how you can check:

If so, please go back to the Insync app and click on refresh license again. If that doesn’t help, please email with the link to this post so we can discuss your license and account in private (so as not to disclose emails whatsoever on a public forum).

Thank you so much!

After your changes, and I restarted the Insync Client (I was already on the the lastest version), things have seemed to be resolved.

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Thank you for confirming! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything else!