Licensing on Insync 3

Hi everyone,

For those on Insync 3, and are currently worried about the licensing details that are appearing on the UI; please don’t worry about it. We’re aware of this.

Just to reiterate: if you’re on Insync 3, you don’t need to purchase a license at the moment.

For those on OneDrive with the “Your UNKNOWN trial has expired” message, simply remove your account and add it again.

For those on Google Drive with Prime or Teams license and is experiencing a “Your trial expired in x days” message, don’t worry about it. We’re working on reconciling our licensing so that come the official release of Insync 3, you won’t be encountering any false trial in your account.

Thanks so much for your patience! We’re here if you have any more questions :grin:

While I am not worried, how do I get the client to actually sync my files?