Linked folders from Sharepoint in Onedrive do not show up


I have a personal license that is connected to a business Microsoft 365 account. I can sync my onedrive files just fine. The only issue I have is this: I can create a link from Sharepoint/MS Teams to my onedrive which then also shows up in my web client. But they do not show up in the insync client.

Is this a license problem (i.e., would I need the company license for this) or is this a different problem?


Hi @thht,

This initially sounds like a limitation since you mentioned owning a Personal license. For reference, we require users to get a Company Sync plan to sync their SharePoint folders.

To confirm, are you able to navigate to the SharePoint tab on the Insync app and see your files, but not the link you created via web client? In that case, then this is a limitation to Insync since the app does not support syncing links/shortcuts/symlinks in either directions.

yes, i see it in the SharePoint tab but it’s grayed out. so, i need a company license to sync these files, correct?

@thht Do you mind sending a screenshot to showing the grayed out description? Just so I am absolutely sure to advise you on the correct steps should you be acquiring a Company license thereafter. :slight_smile: Do include the link to this Forums post so I know it’s from you!